The Wands in Harry Potter – A Quick Guide

The Wands in Harry Potter – A Quick Guide

If you take a character from Harry Potter and present them without one important piece of equipment – then you may as well not present them at all… what is this most important item? A wand from the Harry Potter films of course! Some say the wand is considered as important – in the smash hit series – as the characters themselves. Wizards and witches have used their wands for centuries to cast spells and turn unsuspecting victims into toads, frogs and many other interesting creatures!

It is said that in the Harry Potter series, many characters can in fact cast spells and cause general magical trouble without a wand – but for the big and most extravagent spells and feats one of the many wands in Harry Potter are very much needed.

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The Wands in Harry Potter – A Quick Guide

A Harry Potter wand may add much needed energy to one’s ability to perform big magical feats but it would be more appropriate to say that this magical item mainly acts as a source of magic. If you imagine the wand being a sort of mystical magnifying glass and the wizard’s magic being a ray of sunlight – well, the sunlight magnified through a sturdy piece of glass can almost burn a hole in anything; and this, my friends, is the magic of Harry Potter wands!

In the Harry Potter films, a certain Mr. Ollivander who owns the wand shop in Diagon Alley is said to be the best wand maker in the land! His main rival is Gregorovitch who makes European wands. Their wands are made from such interesting materials like Unicorn hair and Dragon’s heartstring – these are the core material with the outer being made from some sort of wood (e.g. Mahogany, Yew and Chestnut to name three). Lesser wand makes might use something like Veela hair as their core material.

Harry Potter wands are not generic – in fact, each one seems to have a personality and trait unique to theirselves; this is what makes them so interesting. Ollivander actually states that each wand will choose their master – not vice versa! Wands will also do as much as they can to protect their wizard and remain loyal throughout their lifetime. Saying this, a wizard can use another wizard’s wand, but it may not be as effective as if it were the true owner operating it. For total success and maximum magic, a wizard must use his own wand. Sometimes a wand may even reflect its master in its form – e.g. a short wand mayb be owned by a person who isn’t tall, and a robust wand may be owned by a solid and strong wizard.

The most important character in the series, Harry, owns a wand which is fabricated from holly – this provides him with luck and protection.

Harry Potter wands are highly interesting and magical items – underestimate them at your peril!

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