Hermione Grangers Wand

Hermione Grangers Wand

Hermione Grangers Wand

Hermione Granger is a very intriguing character indeed. Her history, abilities and interaction with the main characters in Harry Potter films are widely discussed. But one aspect about this brave girl isn’t widely mentioned – that is the question about her wand! When we are first introduced to Hermione she already has in her possession her wand.

Where Did Hermione’s Wand Come From?

Hermione’s wand was purchased in the famous Ollivander wand shop. Ollivander is said to produce the finest wands available throughout the lands so it is no suprise our courageous heroine came to the main an for her vital equipment.

There Are 3 Main Cores Ollivander Wands Are Made From – Which Is Herimone’s Made From?

Herimone’s wand is made from the infaous Dragon heartstring (the other available cores in his wand shop are Unicorn’s hair and Phoenix feather). In actual fact, our three main characters possess all three of the main cores. Harry has the Pooenix feather and Ron is in possession of the Unicorn hair core.

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Hermione Grangers Wand

What Sort Of Wood Is Her Wand Made From?

The author of the series, J.K. Rowling, decided that Hermione’s wand should be chosen from the Celtic calender which features a piece of wood or type of tree for each of the 12 months. Hermione was born in late September – in the Celtic calender this is ‘Muin’. Muin is the celtic name for a wood that goes by the name of “vine wood” – and this is what Hermione’s wand is made from.

The Wands In The Harry Potter Series Are Said To Choose Their Owner As They See Fit – So Why Did Hermione’s Choose Her?

Harry’s wand is made from Phoenix feather. We learn that as a child, Harry should have died, but miraculously he lived. The Phoenix is said to have risen from the dead alive and strong. This is why Harry’s wand chose him. Hermione’s wand also has an interesting story. As stated above, her wand’s core is made from the heartstring of a dragon – brave, robust and life giving much like Hermione (we see her bravely go up and fight against very dangerous and evil foes in the films). Maybe this is why it chose her.