Ron Weasley’s Wand

Ron Weasley’s Wand

Ron Weasley’s wand is one wand that isn’t covered or talked about much on the internet, so we took it upon ourselves to inform our visitors of our ginger hero’s magical stick.

Hermione Granger’s and Harry Potter’s wand are covered in-depth on various websites thee days but why isn’t Ron’s wand talked about? We find it quite odd as he is one of the main characters in the Harry Potter films. How and ever, here begins some information on Master Weasley’s magical item (and a bit of general information about the boy himself!).

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Ron Weasley’s Wand

Ron Weasley is one of the main characters in the HP films along with Harry and Hermione. He was born on March 1st 1980 to his parents – Molly and Arthur. He has two brothers although we never quite found out their names and, as far as we know, has no sisters. Ron stands out in his own way due to his piercing blue eyes and fiery red hair – you can be sure not to miss him with such a vibrant appearance.

He joined Hogwart’s in 1991 and at his time there he was part of the Gryffindor house. He brought Padma Patil to his Yule Date ball.

Ron Weasley’s first wand of note was made of ash and measured 12 inches in length. The core used for his first wand was derived from hair of unicorn. He didn’t get this wand brand new though – in fact, his brother Charlie gave it to him as a gift. It wasn’t in the best of condition and some of the core hair actually was found to be sticking out at the end of the wand.

Ron Weasley’s Broken Wand

Fast forward to September, 1992 – Ron Weasley’s wand was snapped in two after a run-in with a Willow Whomper. To help remedy the situation, Ron attempted to stick the wand together, rather unsuccessfully, with sellotape. This ultimately proved to be futile as the magic stopped working properly once the wand was damaged. Proof being when Ron tried to hex the malicious Draco for insulting Hermione, the wand backfired the casting of the spell and made Ron himself excrete a number of nasty slugs out of his mouth. Using his dodgy wand, he also produced a horrible smelling smoke in class instead of changing some bugs into buttons! He also injured Seamus in another incident with his damaged wand.

One good thing to come out of this negative situation was that when the wand was stolen by Gilderoy Lockhart. Gilderoy tried to erase the memories of both Ron and Harry but the spell didn’t go as expected (for Lockhart!) and it shot back on him deleting most of his memory.

Ron’s father finally bought Ron Weasley a new wand which was made from the wood of a chestnut tree, measured nearly 9.5 inches in length and its’ core was made from Dragon Heartstring.

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