Make Your Own Harry Potter Magic Wand

Make Your Own Harry Potter Magic Wand

These days, it is very popular for kids (and adults alike!) to go about making their own Harry Potter wands. It is a great pastime and activity for a family to take part in together – and the wands themselves are so much fun to make.

There are many variations in wand making so you never end up with the same wand as anyone else – unique wands are created every time!

The majority of aspiring wizards own multiple wands – each wand representing a different type of magic spell.

Below we have detailed a number of ways on how you can go about making your own Harry Potter wand – from simple models to much more advanced and intricate types.

If you are feeling a little nervous about messing up the making of your own Harry Potter wands, it’s ok – you CAN’T mess it up. Each ‘mistake’ is instead seen as a unique trait of a wand, so relax and have fun when creating your own wand. In our experience, we find that the more ‘mistakes’ and hiccups you make along the way, the more interesting the wand turns out to be.

So, without further ado, let us go about creating our own magical wand…

Make Your Own Harry Potter Magic Wand

How To Select The Perfect Wand Wood

A quick word of warning: Whenever you go about acquiring a piece of wood from a tree it is imperative that you ask the tree if you can take the wood away from it. This is basic magic manners. Trees are very noble and wise life forms, so be sure to respect them at all times – after all, how would you like it if someone randomly took a limb off of you?!

To connect with the tree, all you have to do is place your hand on the bark of the tree, empty your mind of all thoughts (i.e. meditate). Now what you must do is ask the tree if it is ok for you to take a branch from it. If you can feel that the energy emanating from the tree is positive and carries a ‘happy vide’ then you may proceed in taking a branch from it. Be sure to thank the tree for allowing you to do this and make sure it can feel that you are appreciative.

If, on the other hand, you get a negative vibe from the tree then in no way should you take that piece of wood away from it! If the tree doesn’t want you to take a branch from it and you go ahead and do so anyway, any wand you make from this wood will turn out to be cursed and the wand will not work correctly – and may even cast spells on you! So beware.

If you are lucky enough to stumble upon a tree that has been struck by lightening in the past, you are in for a treat! Lightening hit trees are even more powerful that your standard tree. It is as if it has been super charged by the strike. Children should not make wands that are made from this type of tree though – as it can be too powerful for little ones to handle in most cases! This is one for adults only. If in doubt, consult a local wizard and ask them for advice.

When taking wood from a tree, it is important that you are grateful and appreciative. It is preferable for you to give something back to the tree if you are taking one of its valuable branches. Why should you give back? Well, in our experiences, a stone of some sort, a piece of jewelry/jewellery or a unit of currency tend to work best in satisfying the tree.

Once you have sourced your Harry Potter wand wood make sure that you dry it out (maybe leave it next to the fire) completely before you go ahead and start work on it.

Lets Bring Your Wand To Life!

Once again you are going to have to clear your mind of all thoughts and meditate for a while. Once you are fully relaxed, you are going to have to focus on your piece of wood and imagine it being given life. Imagine letting it soak up all the life forces around it and become strong and vibrant. Let the wand take on its own shape and style in your mind. With these thoughts in your head, gradually open your eyelids and hold the wand out in front of you. Allow the sort of wand you imagined in your mind transfer onto the piece of wood in front of you and imagine it actually coming to life.

Shape Your Harry Potter Wand To Your Liking

** Children should seek adult supervision in this stage of the wand making process! **

We now get to a fun filled part of our making of a Harry Potter wand. You are going to shape the wand into your liking. Be sure not to use any electrical power based tools in this part as this takes away from the magic of your wand. A knife (handled by an adult only) is the best way to shape and structure your piece of wood.

Moulding your own unique wand should be a fun, safe and magical exercise, so take your time at this stage of the wand making process. Let your imagination and personal creativity take over and allow the magic to happen. Be sure to carve the piece of wood in correspondence to the image you created for it in your mind in the last step.

There are no real specific steps we can give you here. This part is personal and unique to each and every individual. Have faith in your wand making abilities and you should be fine.

Final Touches In Making Your Own Harry Potter Wand

By now, your Harry Potter wand you have created should look great! If you think your wand is missing out on something important, go back and fix it. Once you are happy with it read the rest of this article…

Adding on items to your wand can be fun and you should experiment with multiple materials such as: crystals, leathers, paints and precious gem stones. Let your imagination run wild but be careful not to overdo things.

To protect your wand from the sun and rain why not apply some sort of oil over it or cover it in some candle wax?

You can also make a carry box for your wand. You can coat this in velvet or some other special material and add crystals or gem stones to the outer side to jazz it up a bit – we will let you decide how this should go yourself!

Now that you can make your own Harry Potter wand we urge you to practise safe spell making and use your wand only for good and to make others happy. A magical wand is a powerful thing so be sensible when utilizing its power.

Enjoy… and why not contact us and email your own wand and we will add it to this very page!

Happy spell casting!

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