List Of Harry Potter Spells

List of Harry Potter Spells

Without the power to cast spells, a Harry Potter wand would be just a useless piece of wood!

We have researched and sourced the most popular Harry Potter spells which have been cast in the book and film series. They are listed below with their name and then a brief description of what the do!

There are so many Harry Potter spells that it is sometimes difficult to keep a track of each and every one, we update the list below on a regular basis so check back often for new and updated spells.

Alohomora – This spell open and lets the user bypass locks

Aparecium – This allows the wizard to make ink that isn’t visible become visible

Avada Kedavra – A very powerful spell, this one can kill your enemy – use with caution!

Avifors – This Harry Potter spell can turn humans into wildfowl

Bombarda – Lets the user create a small explosion or bomb

Crucio – Puts your enemy into extreme pain. Another very strong and powerful spell

Confundus – Helps confuse an enemy. Very useful

Conjunctivitis – Causes problems with opponents eye sight

Deletrius – Hides the very last spell that a wand utilizes so it cant be traced

Difindo – Cuts objects in half

Dissendium – Allows access to certain areas

Engorgio – Enlarges objects and people

Enervate – Helps awaken someone who has been in shock

List Of Harry Potter Spells

Episkey – Helps heal wounds that aren’t very serious

Expelliarmus – Helps to stop an opponent casting a spell on you. A great defensive Harry Potter spell

Fera Verto – This is a fun spell, as it helps change an animal into mini goblets of water

Ferula – Helps the healing process of an arm or leg that is broken

Fidelius – Makes a secret totally hidden in the wizard’s soul

Finite Incantatum – Makes any spell stop dead in its tracks

Flipendo – Moves an object or person backwards

Furnunculus – Makes your enemy experience a breakout of nasty warts and boils

Immobulus – Makes the opponent stop dead in their tracks and prevents them from moving

Impedimenta – Slows down an approaching enemy

Imperio – Lets the person casting the spell to take control of their opponent

Incarcerous – Creates rope allowing the wizard casting the spell to wrap them around an enemy

Incendio – Creates fire

Legilimens – Gives the wizard casting the Harry Potter spell to read their opponet’s mind and thoughts

Levicorpus – Levitates your enemy in the air

Locomotor Mortis – Locks an enemy’s legs preventing them from moving

Mobiliarbus – Moves trees

Mobilicorpus – Moves a person

Morsmorde – Calls upon the ‘Dark Mark’

Nox – Puts out any light

Obliviate – Deletes a person’s memory

Orchideous – Makes flowers appear. One of the more fun Harry Potter spells

Petrificus Totalus – Makes an opponent very frightened and scared

Point Me – Turns the wizard’s wand into a compass

Protego – Sends a spell back to the original spell maker. Acts as a force field

Reducio – Makes an item much smaller

Relashio – Releases an object from being held in position

Rennervate – Energizes a person or object

Reparo – A very handy spell. Repairs broken items

Rictusempra – Puts your opponent into a fit of laughter

Riddikulus – As the name suggests, it makes a person look silly or ridiculous. One of the funniest Harry Potter spells

Scourgify – Cleans dirty objects

Sectumsempra – Cuts a persons body

Serpensortia – Creates a snake

Silencio – Silences an opponent

Sonorus – Makes an enemy louder than normal

Stupefy – Makes an opponent look stupid

Waddiwasi – If an item is stuck, then you can use this spell to make it unstuck

Wingardium Leviosa – Moves objects through the air

This is our current list of Harry Potter spells. If you have any to add,

please contact us and let us know!

Happy spell casting!

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