JK Rowling's wand

JK Rowling’s Wand

So many times when we think of the fascinating world of Harry Potter wands we tend to associate these magical and surreal items with the main characters in the film series. What we may rarely consider is what type of wand, the creator, would choose if she were to be blessed with such an amazing tool.

We here at HP wands tend to see the show’s creator as a magical wizard herself – but in real life. Who else could have captivated the world with her storytelling and creative imagination? She really has cast a spell on everyone who comes into contact with her books and films. Unlike the other female heroine in the series, JK Rowling’s choice doesn’t bear any resemblance to Hermione Granger’s wand.

JK Rowling's wand

So, if she could choose a special and bespoke magical stick – what would JK Rowlings wand be made of? And what core would it utilize? Let us explore this interesting topic in detail.

It has been said on record that JK Rowling’s wand would be made up of two types of tree wood – mystical walnut and a sturdy mix of mahogany. Her magical core of choice would also be Feather of the Phoenix.

But who would make JK Rowling’s wand? The majority may say that it is indeed the master Wand Maker, Ollivander. But doesn’t Ollivander only use ONE type of wood instead of a mixture of both? Other may be sure that it would be made by the crafty Gregorivitch – but once again, his wands are usually made with one type of wood – not two.

It is a confusing topic, even for fanatical Harry Potter wand fans but let us not forget that for a number of years after the massive battle that took place at Hogwart’s castle there were a number of new developments and ways in which things were made and done. Who is to say that professional wand makers around the area at this time didn’t further develop their skills and wand making abilities? This may be where JK Rowling’s wand might come from if she were to have one made with 2 types of wood.

Mahogany Harry Potter Wands

This wood is more a female than male sort of wood. It tends to be extremely spiritual compared to beech, cherry, oak and maple woods. Wands made from mahogany are excellent for spiritual and meditative skills rather than physical attacking some foe. This may make them even more powerful as all the energy is harnessed from within – and we can only guess how much power Ms. Rowling might possess deep in her soul!

Mahogany is also a great wood for healing someone in an emotional sense and helps strengthen ties with relatives of its master.

Fire and, of course, spirit are the main elements of a mahogany harry potter wand. Unusually, like most other wands in Harry Potter, there is no date set with mahogany.

Walnut Harry Potter Wands

Elves tend to use walnut more than any other being in the Harry Potter films and books. The main strength of a walnut wand is that it is seen as being immortal and undefeatable.

The Greek Gods like Zeus and Thor hugely respect this type of wood – that should give you a good indicator of how powerful it can be.

Walnut increases the lifespan of its master and has excellent power to heal its owner and others close to him/her. Since it can grow nearly anywhere and adapt to most surroundings, walnut Harry Potter wands helps reflect this on its master by learning to adapt to most dangerous and awkward situations. It is also a very creative and intelligent wand wood. It is also a very positive wood and helps attract positive things and situations for its master. The elements mostly associated with walnut are fire and air.

Phoenix Feather Wands

This mystical feather brings about new life and helps regenerate and rejuvenate. It is a very loyal wand core and helps heal wounds – emotional and physical. Phoenix Harry Potter wands are said to be the grand master of all types of wands.

Judging from all the information above – JK Rowling really knows how to pick an excellent Harry Potter wand! For further information on all wands in Harry Potter see Harry Potter Wands & Characteristics.

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