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Harry Potter Wands Quiz

Look at our Harry Potter wand quiz questions below, take a note of each answer you give and compare them with the correct answers at the very bottom of the page. Good luck and happy quizzing (see if you can beat the current top score of 12/13)!

What sort of wand did Hagrid own?

Unicorn, 13.5 inches
Willow wood, 14 inches
Holly origin, 12.5 inches
Mahongany, 11.5 inches
Oak wood, 16 inches

Which sort of wand does Lily Potter possess?

Rosewood,11 inches
Phoenix feather, 13 inches
Holly wood, 9 and ½ inches
Willow wood, 10.25 inch
Ash wood, 8.5 inches

Harry Potter’s wand – which is it?

Goose feather, 9 inches
Ash and eagle feather, 14 inches
Rosewood and phoenix feather, 15 inch
Redthorn and unicorn tail hair, 8 inches
Phoenix feather with Holly wood, 11 inch

Which best describes Hermiones Grangner’s wand?

Yew wood
Willow wood with Phoenix feather
Blackthorn with heartstring of dragon
Blackthorn and mahongany
Phoenix feather only

Wormtail’s wand is made up of…?

Chestnut wood with the heartstring of dragon, 9.25 inch
Redthorn and phoenix feather, 11 inch
Hawthorn wood and unicorn core, 14 inches
Rosewood with veela hair, 12 inch
Dragon heartstring and Thestral hair, 17 inches

What type of wand did Draco Malfoy have?

Mahogany with phoenix feather, 14 inch
Rosewood with no core, 12 inches
Dragon heartstring with a mysterious wood, 18 inches
Hawthorn with a hair of unicorn core, 10 inch
Ash wood and blackthorn, 8 inches

Which character’s wand is made up of: walnut wood with a dragon heartstring main core measuring 12.75 inches?

Harry Potter
Lord Voldemort
Hermione Granger
Bellatrix Lestrange
Mary Cattermole

Krum owns which sort of magical wand?

Hornbeam wood with a dragon heartstring core, 10.25 inch
Rosewood and ash, 14 inches
Mahogany, 15 inches
Phoenix feather with a secret wood, 14 inches
Unicorn core with palm wood, 12 inch

Who did Krum buy his wand from?

An Irish girl
A Welsh boy

What type of wand did James Potter have?

Ash wood, 14 inches
Mahogany wood, 11 inch
Phoenix feather and rosewood, 19 inches
Ash and unicorn tail hair (female), 11 inches
Blackthorn with no core, 10 inch

The evil Lord Voldemort’s wand is made up of…?

A secret magical mix, 20 inch
Mahogany with dragon heartstring, 9 inches
Yew wood with phoenix feather core, 13 and ½ inches
All 3 cores, 25 inches
Ash, 14 inches

The beautiful Fleur owns which sort of wand?

Yew with phoenix feather, 10 inch
Rosewood with Veela, 9.5 inches
Mahogany, 14 inches
Yew and with Thestral hair, 10 inches
Oak with phoenix feather, 17 inch

Who owns a wand which is made up of: unicorn hair (male), ash wood and measures twelve and 3/4 inches in length?

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Wand Quiz Answers: 1) e 2) d 3) e 4) c 5) a 6) d 7) d 8 ) a 9) e 10) b 11) c 12) b 13) a

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