Harry Potter Wands

Harry Potter Wands  & Characteristics

The majority of magic created is performed by humans via a magic wand. Although it is entirely possible to cast spells without this piece of magical equipment, withces and wizards much prefer using a wand to focus their spells and make them much more powerful. Goblins, much like elves are not allowed to carry these magical sticks which causes them a lot of anger and disappointment.

Harry Potter Wands

The Harry Potter wands the characters in the film series use are all made from some sort of tree wood. But what makes them magical and special is the material used at its core, or heart. You can classify a Harry Potter wand in 4 different ways, they are:

  • the type of tree wood used to make the wand
  • the width and length of the wand
  • the core sunstance used in the heart
  • and finally, the motion quality when used to cast spells

In the UK, the most famous maker of wands is the intriguing Mr. Ollivander. No other wand maker makes such excellent pieces of equipment as this man. His store, which has been in operation since about 380 B.C., can be located at Diagon Alley, which can be found in London, England. His main rival is a man that goes by the name of Gregorovitch, and he lives in Europe.

It is imperative that one takes a broken, damaged or malfunctioning wand to one of these wand makers as trying to repair it oneself can sometimes cause dangerous and unpredictable results.

The majority of wands are suited to their owners and reflect their unique personality.

Some Well Known Harry Potter Wands & Information

Diggory’s Wand: About 12″, made from unicorn hair. Wand is sometimes described as pleasant.

Hermione Granger’s Wand: Made from dragon heartsting and vine wood. This reflects her birthday.

Viktor Krum’s Wand: About 10 inches. Tense in nature. Dragon heartstring.

Lestrange’s: Nearly 13 inches. Dragon heartstring. Mr Ollivander probably made this.

Neville’s Wand: He broke one back in 1996 and he since replaced it. Made of cherry wood and unicorn hair.

Pettigrew’s Wand: Just over 9 inches. Not very sturdy. Dragon heartstring.

Harry Potter: 11 inches. Made of phoenix feather. Made form the holly tree.

Ron Weasly’s Wand: Had one but broek it. Second one is made from willow tree, is 14 inches long and its heart is made from unicorn hair.

We will leave you with a quote from the famous Mr. Ollivander himself: “Wandlore is a complex and mysterious branch of magic.”

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