Flaming Lips Wand

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Flaming Lips Wand

The Flaming Lips Wand is a magical wand designed to awaken your inner magic and creativity. This wand is made of natural hardwood, with a unique design that features a colorful array of lights, sounds, and special effects. When you wave the wand, it will make mystical noises and bright lights that will transport you to another world. This wand is sure to be a hit with any wizard or witch who loves adventure and creativity. With its unique design and special effects, the Flaming Lips Wand is sure to bewitch everyone who experiences it.The Flaming Lips are a renowned rock band from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The band is best known for its psychedelic rock music and colorful live performances. They have been creating music since 1983, and have built up a cult following over the years. One of the most distinct elements of the Flaming Lips is their magical wand. This wand is an iconic part of the Flaming Lips’ performances, used as an instrument in their music and often seen during their live shows. The wand was designed by frontman Wayne Coyne, who has said that it helps him to feel “more connected with his audience” during performances. Coyne also described the wand as being “like a magical conductor that helps him create more powerful emotions and feelings in his songs”. The wand has become such a beloved part of the Flaming Lips’ identity that it has been featured on their album covers, merchandise, and even used as part of their live shows. The Flaming Lips’ magical wand continues to be an iconic element of their musical experience, helping them to create unique and powerful moments for their fans.

What Is the Flaming Lips Wand?

The Flaming Lips Wand is a special type of wand created by the iconic American rock band The Flaming Lips. The wand is a unique way to interact with their fans, as it allows them to connect with their music in a special, physical way. It’s designed to look like a traditional wizard’s wand, featuring a bright pink handle and multicolored tip.

The wand has been used in live performances since 2004, and has become an iconic part of their shows. It functions as a percussion instrument, allowing the band members to control the volume levels of their songs as they play. Additionally, it’s been used to create dramatic pauses and sound effects during their shows.

The wand also serves as an extension of the band’s connection with their fans. When the wand is waved by one of the band members, it triggers the audience to cheer and clap along to the music. This encourages fans to be more engaged in the music, creating an even more memorable experience for everyone involved.

The Flaming Lips Wand has become an essential part of The Flaming Lips’ live performances and is sure to remain part of their shows for many years to come. It’s a unique way for fans to connect with the music in a tangible way and adds even more excitement and fun for everyone involved in these special shows!

Early History

The Flaming Lips were formed in 1983 in Norman, Oklahoma by Wayne Coyne, Michael Ivins, and Richard English. The three had previously been members of the band known as The Flaming Lips of Oklahoma, which had gained some regional recognition, but with the addition of drummer Steven Drozd and guitarist Ronald Jones, the new band was able to take their music in a new direction. The band quickly developed a reputation for their energetic live shows and began to tour regionally.

Rise to Fame

The band released their first album Hear It Is in 1986 and followed it up with Oh My Gawd!!!…The Flaming Lips in 1987. Both albums garnered some attention from college radio stations around the country and helped to build the band’s national profile. In 1989 they released their third album Telepathic Surgery which featured a more psychedelic sound than their previous work and helped to further solidify their reputation as an innovative rockband.

Mainstream Success

In 1993 the Flaming Lips released Transmissions from the Satellite Heart which became their first major commercial success. The album featured some of their most popular songs such as “She Don’t Use Jelly” and “Turn It On”. This success was followed up with 1995’s Clouds Taste Metallic which featured two more hit singles “Bad Days” and “This Here Giraffe”. The success of these albums led to increased exposure for the band including appearances on late night talk shows and awards shows.

Recent Releases

Since then the Flaming Lips have continued to release new material with varying degrees of success. Their most recent album is Kings Mouth: Music & Songs which was released in 2019 and is a collaboration with artist Derek Brown. This album is mostly an instrumental ambient rock album but is also accompanied by narration from comedian Fred Armisen telling a story about a mythical king who can only speak through music. The Flaming Lips have also continued to tour extensively over the years playing festivals around the world and performing unique live sets that always serve as an unforgettable experience for fans old and new alike.

Understanding The Flaming Lips Wand

The Flaming Lips Wand is an interactive device used to create light and sound for the Flaming Lips, a popular alternative rock band from Oklahoma City. The wand is designed to be used in conjunction with the band’s live performances, allowing fans to add their own creative input to the show. The wand has been used in concerts since 2011, and it has become a fan favorite.

What Does The Wand Do?

The Flaming Lips Wand is a handheld device with several components. It includes a microphone, which picks up audio from the stage, and a light sensor that detects movement. There are also four buttons that can be pressed to create different light patterns and sounds. When used together with the band’s performance, these elements can create an interactive experience for the audience.

How To Use The Wand

Using the wand is simple and easy to learn. All you need to do is press one of the four buttons on the device while listening to the music. This will cause a light pattern or sound effect to be triggered at different points in the song. You can also use your own voice by speaking into the microphone on the wand and this will be heard by everyone in attendance at the show. It’s important to remember that you should use your own judgement when using the wand – don’t go overboard or it could ruin the experience for everyone else!

Tips For Using The Flaming Lips Wand

When using your wand at a show, it’s important to pay attention to what’s going on around you so that you don’t disrupt anyone else’s experience. Be sure to watch what other people are doing so that you don’t interfere with their enjoyment of the show. Also, remember that not all shows have lights or sound effects – if there are no lights or special effects when you press your buttons, then just enjoy listening to and watching the performance!

The Benefits of the Flaming Lips Wand

The Flaming Lips Wand is an intuitive, easy-to-use device that can be used to create magical effects. It is designed to be used in a variety of ways, from basic magic tricks to complex illusions. It is also a great tool for teaching children about the basics of magic. Here are some of the benefits that come with owning a Flaming Lips Wand:

Simplicity: The Flaming Lips Wand is very simple to use and understand. Even those without any prior knowledge of magic can quickly learn how to use it and create impressive results. With its intuitive design, you can quickly master basic techniques and move on to more complex tricks.

Versatility: With its versatile design, the Flaming Lips Wand can be used in a variety of ways. Whether you are using it as part of an illusion or just for a simple trick, there is always something new you can do with it. The possibilities are endless!

Safety: The Flaming Lips Wand is designed with safety in mind. It uses non-toxic materials and does not require any dangerous chemicals or tools. This makes it perfect for both adults and children alike who may be interested in learning the basics of magic but are hesitant due to safety concerns.

Durability: The Flaming Lips Wand is made from high quality materials that make it both durable and long lasting. This means you can trust your wand will stand up against regular use and still provide years of reliable performance.

Affordability: Despite its high quality, the price point of the Flaming Lips Wand makes it accessible to everyone regardless of their budget constraints. Whether you’re just starting out or have been performing magic for years, this wand will bring your illusions to life without breaking your bank account!

All in all, the Flaming Lips Wand offers plenty of benefits for anyone looking to add some magic into their lives. From beginners who want to learn the basics of magic all the way up to experienced professionals looking for a reliable tool they can rely on, this wand has something for everyone!

Flaming Lips Wand

Where to Buy a Flaming Lips Wand

The Flaming Lips are a rock band from Oklahoma City that has been around since 1983. Known for their psychedelic rock and experimental music, the Flaming Lips have become an iconic band in the music world. One of their most popular items is their wand – a wand with a flaming lips logo on the handle. If you’re looking for a great gift for a fan of the band or just want to add something unique to your own collection, here’s where you can buy a Flaming Lips wand.

One of the best places to buy a Flaming Lips wand is from their official online store. The store has several different styles of wands, including one with an LED light up feature. The prices range from around $20 to $40, depending on what style you choose. They also offer free shipping on orders over $50, so it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a great deal.

Another great place to buy a Flaming Lips wand is from Etsy. There are many Etsy sellers who offer custom made wands with various designs and colors available. Prices range from around $30-$60, depending on the type of wand you choose and how much customization you want.

If you’re looking for something more unique than what’s available online, then head over to your local comic book or novelty store – they usually carry some type of Flaming Lips merchandise as well as other fun items related to the band. Prices can range anywhere from around $15-$50 depending on what type of wand you’re looking for and how detailed it is.

Finally, if you don’t mind spending a bit more money then why not check out eBay? You can often find some really cool vintage wands that are no longer available anywhere else – just make sure to read all descriptions carefully so you know exactly what you’re getting before making your purchase!

Flaming Lips Wand

Popular Models of The Flaming Lips Wand

The Flaming Lips are an American rock band known for their psychedelic sound and innovative live performances. Their signature instrument, the Flaming Lips wand, has become popular among fans of the band and music lovers alike. The wand creates a unique sound and visual effect that is sure to mesmerize any audience. It is available in several models, each with its own unique features and benefits.

The Classic Model is the most basic of the Flaming Lips wands, offering a simple design with a single knob to control volume and speed. The handle of the wand is made from durable materials, ensuring it will last for years to come. It also features an adjustable head that can be used to adjust the angle of your performance.

The Deluxe Model offers more advanced features such as a multi-speed control knob and a dual-action trigger for faster speeds. The handle is designed for more comfortable use and the head can be adjusted for different angles. This model also includes a built-in LED light that adds an extra flair to your performance.

The Pro Model is designed for more experienced performers who want greater control over their sound. It has two knobs that allow you to adjust both volume and speed separately, as well as an adjustable head for different angles. This model also has four built-in effects including reverb, echo, delay, and chorus plus a built-in tuner for precise tuning of your instrument.

Finally, there is the Custom Model which allows you to customize your own wand by selecting from various colours and materials such as wood or metal. You can also choose from different shapes such as long or short wands or even choose your own unique design with engravings or artwork etched into it. All models come with a carrying case so you can take your wand wherever you go!

Whether you are looking for a basic instrument or something more advanced, there is sure to be a Flaming Lips wand model that suits your needs perfectly!


The Flaming Lips Wand should be cleaned regularly with a soft, damp cloth. Make sure to not use any harsh chemicals or abrasive materials which may damage the wand. Make sure to dry the wand thoroughly after cleaning to avoid any water damage.


When not in use, it is best to store the Flaming Lips Wand in its original packaging or in a dry, dust-free environment. Avoid storing the wand in humid or damp areas, as this can cause corrosion over time.


It is important to take proper care of the Flaming Lips Wand to ensure it works properly and lasts for a long time. Make sure not to drop or mishandle the wand as this can lead to damage and malfunctioning. Also, avoid using any type of oils or greases on the wand’s surface as this can damage the finish and potentially cause corrosion.


To keep your Flaming Lips Wand functioning properly, it is important to check for any wear and tear on a regular basis. Inspect the wand for any signs of wear such as chipped paint, loosened screws, fraying wires, etc., and replace any parts that are damaged or worn out with new ones. Also, make sure that all connections are firmly secured and that all wires are properly connected before using the wand again.

Flaming Lips Wand


In conclusion, the Flaming Lips Wand is a fantastic and unique way to add a touch of magic to any occasion. With its vivid colours and enchanting design, it’s sure to be a hit with both children and adults alike. It’s perfect for parties, weddings, birthdays, or just for fun when you want to make something special out of the ordinary. Its light-up feature will be sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face who sees it. The Flaming Lips Wand is an excellent way to add some extra sparkle and fun to any celebration.

For those looking for something special and different, the Flaming Lips Wand is an ideal choice. It’s sure to bring joy to any occasion or event and is sure to become a treasured keepsake for years to come.

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