The Wands in Harry Potter – A Quick Guide

The Wands in Harry Potter – A Quick Guide

The Wands in Harry Potter – A Quick Guide

If you take a character from Harry Potter and present them without one important piece of equipment – then you may as well not present them at all… what is this most important item? A wand from the Harry Potter films of course! Some say the wand is considered as important – in the smash hit series – as the characters themselves. Wizards and witches have used their wands for centuries to cast spells and turn unsuspecting victims into toads, frogs and many other interesting creatures!

It is said that in the Harry Potter series, many characters can in fact cast spells and cause general magical trouble without a wand – but for the big and most extravagent spells and feats one of the many wands in Harry Potter are very much needed.

The Wands in Harry Potter – A Quick Guide

A Harry Potter wand may add much needed energy to one’s ability to perform big magical feats but it would be more appropriate to say that this magical item mainly acts as a source of magic. If you imagine the wand being a sort of mystical magnifying glass and the wizard’s magic being a ray of sunlight – well, the sunlight magnified through a sturdy piece of glass can almost burn a hole in anything; and this, my friends, is the magic of Harry Potter wands!

In the Harry Potter films, a certain Mr. Ollivander who owns the wand shop in Diagon Alley is said to be the best wand maker in the land! His main rival is Gregorovitch who makes European wands. Their wands are made from such interesting materials like Unicorn hair and Dragon’s heartstring – these are the core material with the outer being made from some sort of wood (e.g. Mahogany, Yew and Chestnut to name three). Lesser wand makes might use something like Veela hair as their core material.

Harry Potter wands are not generic – in fact, each one seems to have a personality and trait unique to theirselves; this is what makes them so interesting. Ollivander actually states that each wand will choose their master – not vice versa! Wands will also do as much as they can to protect their wizard and remain loyal throughout their lifetime. Saying this, a wizard can use another wizard’s wand, but it may not be as effective as if it were the true owner operating it. For total success and maximum magic, a wizard must use his own wand. Sometimes a wand may even reflect its master in its form – e.g. a short wand mayb be owned by a person who isn’t tall, and a robust wand may be owned by a solid and strong wizard.

The most important character in the series, Harry, owns a wand which is fabricated from holly – this provides him with luck and protection.

Harry Potter wands are highly interesting and magical items – underestimate them at your peril!

Ron Weasley’s Wand

Ron Weasley’s Wand

Ron Weasley’s Wand

Ron Weasley’s wand is one wand that isn’t covered or talked about much on the internet, so we took it upon ourselves to inform our visitors of our ginger hero’s magical stick.

Hermione Granger’s and Harry Potter’s wand are covered in-depth on various websites thee days but why isn’t Ron’s wand talked about? We find it quite odd as he is one of the main characters in the Harry Potter films. How and ever, here begins some information on Master Weasley’s magical item (and a bit of general information about the boy himself!).

Ron Weasley’s Wand

Ron Weasley is one of the main characters in the HP films along with Harry and Hermione. He was born on March 1st 1980 to his parents – Molly and Arthur. He has two brothers although we never quite found out their names and, as far as we know, has no sisters. Ron stands out in his own way due to his piercing blue eyes and fiery red hair – you can be sure not to miss him with such a vibrant appearance.

He joined Hogwart’s in 1991 and at his time there he was part of the Gryffindor house. He brought Padma Patil to his Yule Date ball.

Ron Weasley’s first wand of note was made of ash and measured 12 inches in length. The core used for his first wand was derived from hair of unicorn. He didn’t get this wand brand new though – in fact, his brother Charlie gave it to him as a gift. It wasn’t in the best of condition and some of the core hair actually was found to be sticking out at the end of the wand.

Ron Weasley’s Broken Wand

Fast forward to September, 1992 – Ron Weasley’s wand was snapped in two after a run-in with a Willow Whomper. To help remedy the situation, Ron attempted to stick the wand together, rather unsuccessfully, with sellotape. This ultimately proved to be futile as the magic stopped working properly once the wand was damaged. Proof being when Ron tried to hex the malicious Draco for insulting Hermione, the wand backfired the casting of the spell and made Ron himself excrete a number of nasty slugs out of his mouth. Using his dodgy wand, he also produced a horrible smelling smoke in class instead of changing some bugs into buttons! He also injured Seamus in another incident with his damaged wand.

One good thing to come out of this negative situation was that when the wand was stolen by Gilderoy Lockhart. Gilderoy tried to erase the memories of both Ron and Harry but the spell didn’t go as expected (for Lockhart!) and it shot back on him deleting most of his memory.

Ron’s father finally bought Ron Weasley a new wand which was made from the wood of a chestnut tree, measured nearly 9.5 inches in length and its’ core was made from Dragon Heartstring.

Make Your Own Harry Potter Magic Wand

Make Your Own Harry Potter Magic Wand

Make Your Own Harry Potter Magic Wand

These days, it is very popular for kids (and adults alike!) to go about making their own Harry Potter wands. It is a great pastime and activity for a family to take part in together – and the wands themselves are so much fun to make.

There are many variations in wand making so you never end up with the same wand as anyone else – unique wands are created every time!

The majority of aspiring wizards own multiple wands – each wand representing a different type of magic spell.

Below we have detailed a number of ways on how you can go about making your own Harry Potter wand – from simple models to much more advanced and intricate types.

If you are feeling a little nervous about messing up the making of your own Harry Potter wands, it’s ok – you CAN’T mess it up. Each ‘mistake’ is instead seen as a unique trait of a wand, so relax and have fun when creating your own wand. In our experience, we find that the more ‘mistakes’ and hiccups you make along the way, the more interesting the wand turns out to be.

So, without further ado, let us go about creating our own magical wand…

Make Your Own Harry Potter Magic Wand

How To Select The Perfect Wand Wood

A quick word of warning: Whenever you go about acquiring a piece of wood from a tree it is imperative that you ask the tree if you can take the wood away from it. This is basic magic manners. Trees are very noble and wise life forms, so be sure to respect them at all times – after all, how would you like it if someone randomly took a limb off of you?!

To connect with the tree, all you have to do is place your hand on the bark of the tree, empty your mind of all thoughts (i.e. meditate). Now what you must do is ask the tree if it is ok for you to take a branch from it. If you can feel that the energy emanating from the tree is positive and carries a ‘happy vide’ then you may proceed in taking a branch from it. Be sure to thank the tree for allowing you to do this and make sure it can feel that you are appreciative.

If, on the other hand, you get a negative vibe from the tree then in no way should you take that piece of wood away from it! If the tree doesn’t want you to take a branch from it and you go ahead and do so anyway, any wand you make from this wood will turn out to be cursed and the wand will not work correctly – and may even cast spells on you! So beware.

If you are lucky enough to stumble upon a tree that has been struck by lightening in the past, you are in for a treat! Lightening hit trees are even more powerful that your standard tree. It is as if it has been super charged by the strike. Children should not make wands that are made from this type of tree though – as it can be too powerful for little ones to handle in most cases! This is one for adults only. If in doubt, consult a local wizard and ask them for advice.

When taking wood from a tree, it is important that you are grateful and appreciative. It is preferable for you to give something back to the tree if you are taking one of its valuable branches. Why should you give back? Well, in our experiences, a stone of some sort, a piece of jewelry/jewellery or a unit of currency tend to work best in satisfying the tree.

Once you have sourced your Harry Potter wand wood make sure that you dry it out (maybe leave it next to the fire) completely before you go ahead and start work on it.

Lets Bring Your Wand To Life!

Once again you are going to have to clear your mind of all thoughts and meditate for a while. Once you are fully relaxed, you are going to have to focus on your piece of wood and imagine it being given life. Imagine letting it soak up all the life forces around it and become strong and vibrant. Let the wand take on its own shape and style in your mind. With these thoughts in your head, gradually open your eyelids and hold the wand out in front of you. Allow the sort of wand you imagined in your mind transfer onto the piece of wood in front of you and imagine it actually coming to life.

Shape Your Harry Potter Wand To Your Liking

** Children should seek adult supervision in this stage of the wand making process! **

We now get to a fun filled part of our making of a Harry Potter wand. You are going to shape the wand into your liking. Be sure not to use any electrical power based tools in this part as this takes away from the magic of your wand. A knife (handled by an adult only) is the best way to shape and structure your piece of wood.

Moulding your own unique wand should be a fun, safe and magical exercise, so take your time at this stage of the wand making process. Let your imagination and personal creativity take over and allow the magic to happen. Be sure to carve the piece of wood in correspondence to the image you created for it in your mind in the last step.

There are no real specific steps we can give you here. This part is personal and unique to each and every individual. Have faith in your wand making abilities and you should be fine.

Final Touches In Making Your Own Harry Potter Wand

By now, your Harry Potter wand you have created should look great! If you think your wand is missing out on something important, go back and fix it. Once you are happy with it read the rest of this article…

Adding on items to your wand can be fun and you should experiment with multiple materials such as: crystals, leathers, paints and precious gem stones. Let your imagination run wild but be careful not to overdo things.

To protect your wand from the sun and rain why not apply some sort of oil over it or cover it in some candle wax?

You can also make a carry box for your wand. You can coat this in velvet or some other special material and add crystals or gem stones to the outer side to jazz it up a bit – we will let you decide how this should go yourself!

Now that you can make your own Harry Potter wand we urge you to practise safe spell making and use your wand only for good and to make others happy. A magical wand is a powerful thing so be sensible when utilizing its power.

Enjoy… and why not contact us and email your own wand and we will add it to this very page!

Happy spell casting!

List of Harry Potter Spells

List Of Harry Potter Spells

List of Harry Potter Spells

Without the power to cast spells, a Harry Potter wand would be just a useless piece of wood!

We have researched and sourced the most popular Harry Potter spells which have been cast in the book and film series. They are listed below with their name and then a brief description of what the do!

There are so many Harry Potter spells that it is sometimes difficult to keep a track of each and every one, we update the list below on a regular basis so check back often for new and updated spells.

Alohomora – This spell open and lets the user bypass locks

Aparecium – This allows the wizard to make ink that isn’t visible become visible

Avada Kedavra – A very powerful spell, this one can kill your enemy – use with caution!

Avifors – This Harry Potter spell can turn humans into wildfowl

Bombarda – Lets the user create a small explosion or bomb

Crucio – Puts your enemy into extreme pain. Another very strong and powerful spell

Confundus – Helps confuse an enemy. Very useful

Conjunctivitis – Causes problems with opponents eye sight

Deletrius – Hides the very last spell that a wand utilizes so it cant be traced

Difindo – Cuts objects in half

Dissendium – Allows access to certain areas

Engorgio – Enlarges objects and people

Enervate – Helps awaken someone who has been in shock

List Of Harry Potter Spells

Episkey – Helps heal wounds that aren’t very serious

Expelliarmus – Helps to stop an opponent casting a spell on you. A great defensive Harry Potter spell

Fera Verto – This is a fun spell, as it helps change an animal into mini goblets of water

Ferula – Helps the healing process of an arm or leg that is broken

Fidelius – Makes a secret totally hidden in the wizard’s soul

Finite Incantatum – Makes any spell stop dead in its tracks

Flipendo – Moves an object or person backwards

Furnunculus – Makes your enemy experience a breakout of nasty warts and boils

Immobulus – Makes the opponent stop dead in their tracks and prevents them from moving

Impedimenta – Slows down an approaching enemy

Imperio – Lets the person casting the spell to take control of their opponent

Incarcerous – Creates rope allowing the wizard casting the spell to wrap them around an enemy

Incendio – Creates fire

Legilimens – Gives the wizard casting the Harry Potter spell to read their opponet’s mind and thoughts

Levicorpus – Levitates your enemy in the air

Locomotor Mortis – Locks an enemy’s legs preventing them from moving

Mobiliarbus – Moves trees

Mobilicorpus – Moves a person

Morsmorde – Calls upon the ‘Dark Mark’

Nox – Puts out any light

Obliviate – Deletes a person’s memory

Orchideous – Makes flowers appear. One of the more fun Harry Potter spells

Petrificus Totalus – Makes an opponent very frightened and scared

Point Me – Turns the wizard’s wand into a compass

Protego – Sends a spell back to the original spell maker. Acts as a force field

Reducio – Makes an item much smaller

Relashio – Releases an object from being held in position

Rennervate – Energizes a person or object

Reparo – A very handy spell. Repairs broken items

Rictusempra – Puts your opponent into a fit of laughter

Riddikulus – As the name suggests, it makes a person look silly or ridiculous. One of the funniest Harry Potter spells

Scourgify – Cleans dirty objects

Sectumsempra – Cuts a persons body

Serpensortia – Creates a snake

Silencio – Silences an opponent

Sonorus – Makes an enemy louder than normal

Stupefy – Makes an opponent look stupid

Waddiwasi – If an item is stuck, then you can use this spell to make it unstuck

Wingardium Leviosa – Moves objects through the air

This is our current list of Harry Potter spells. If you have any to add,

please contact us and let us know!

Happy spell casting!

JK Rowlings Wand

JK Rowling's wand

JK Rowling’s Wand

So many times when we think of the fascinating world of Harry Potter wands we tend to associate these magical and surreal items with the main characters in the film series. What we may rarely consider is what type of wand, the creator, would choose if she were to be blessed with such an amazing tool.

We here at HP wands tend to see the show’s creator as a magical wizard herself – but in real life. Who else could have captivated the world with her storytelling and creative imagination? She really has cast a spell on everyone who comes into contact with her books and films. Unlike the other female heroine in the series, JK Rowling’s choice doesn’t bear any resemblance to Hermione Granger’s wand.

JK Rowling's wand

So, if she could choose a special and bespoke magical stick – what would JK Rowlings wand be made of? And what core would it utilize? Let us explore this interesting topic in detail.

It has been said on record that JK Rowling’s wand would be made up of two types of tree wood – mystical walnut and a sturdy mix of mahogany. Her magical core of choice would also be Feather of the Phoenix.

But who would make JK Rowling’s wand? The majority may say that it is indeed the master Wand Maker, Ollivander. But doesn’t Ollivander only use ONE type of wood instead of a mixture of both? Other may be sure that it would be made by the crafty Gregorivitch – but once again, his wands are usually made with one type of wood – not two.

It is a confusing topic, even for fanatical Harry Potter wand fans but let us not forget that for a number of years after the massive battle that took place at Hogwart’s castle there were a number of new developments and ways in which things were made and done. Who is to say that professional wand makers around the area at this time didn’t further develop their skills and wand making abilities? This may be where JK Rowling’s wand might come from if she were to have one made with 2 types of wood.

Mahogany Harry Potter Wands

This wood is more a female than male sort of wood. It tends to be extremely spiritual compared to beech, cherry, oak and maple woods. Wands made from mahogany are excellent for spiritual and meditative skills rather than physical attacking some foe. This may make them even more powerful as all the energy is harnessed from within – and we can only guess how much power Ms. Rowling might possess deep in her soul!

Mahogany is also a great wood for healing someone in an emotional sense and helps strengthen ties with relatives of its master.

Fire and, of course, spirit are the main elements of a mahogany harry potter wand. Unusually, like most other wands in Harry Potter, there is no date set with mahogany.

Walnut Harry Potter Wands

Elves tend to use walnut more than any other being in the Harry Potter films and books. The main strength of a walnut wand is that it is seen as being immortal and undefeatable.

The Greek Gods like Zeus and Thor hugely respect this type of wood – that should give you a good indicator of how powerful it can be.

Walnut increases the lifespan of its master and has excellent power to heal its owner and others close to him/her. Since it can grow nearly anywhere and adapt to most surroundings, walnut Harry Potter wands helps reflect this on its master by learning to adapt to most dangerous and awkward situations. It is also a very creative and intelligent wand wood. It is also a very positive wood and helps attract positive things and situations for its master. The elements mostly associated with walnut are fire and air.

Phoenix Feather Wands

This mystical feather brings about new life and helps regenerate and rejuvenate. It is a very loyal wand core and helps heal wounds – emotional and physical. Phoenix Harry Potter wands are said to be the grand master of all types of wands.

Judging from all the information above – JK Rowling really knows how to pick an excellent Harry Potter wand! For further information on all wands in Harry Potter see Harry Potter Wands & Characteristics.

Harry Potter Wands & Characteristics

Harry Potter Wands

Harry Potter Wands  & Characteristics

The majority of magic created is performed by humans via a magic wand. Although it is entirely possible to cast spells without this piece of magical equipment, withces and wizards much prefer using a wand to focus their spells and make them much more powerful. Goblins, much like elves are not allowed to carry these magical sticks which causes them a lot of anger and disappointment.

Harry Potter Wands

The Harry Potter wands the characters in the film series use are all made from some sort of tree wood. But what makes them magical and special is the material used at its core, or heart. You can classify a Harry Potter wand in 4 different ways, they are:

  • the type of tree wood used to make the wand
  • the width and length of the wand
  • the core sunstance used in the heart
  • and finally, the motion quality when used to cast spells

In the UK, the most famous maker of wands is the intriguing Mr. Ollivander. No other wand maker makes such excellent pieces of equipment as this man. His store, which has been in operation since about 380 B.C., can be located at Diagon Alley, which can be found in London, England. His main rival is a man that goes by the name of Gregorovitch, and he lives in Europe.

It is imperative that one takes a broken, damaged or malfunctioning wand to one of these wand makers as trying to repair it oneself can sometimes cause dangerous and unpredictable results.

The majority of wands are suited to their owners and reflect their unique personality.

Some Well Known Harry Potter Wands & Information

Diggory’s Wand: About 12″, made from unicorn hair. Wand is sometimes described as pleasant.

Hermione Granger’s Wand: Made from dragon heartsting and vine wood. This reflects her birthday.

Viktor Krum’s Wand: About 10 inches. Tense in nature. Dragon heartstring.

Lestrange’s: Nearly 13 inches. Dragon heartstring. Mr Ollivander probably made this.

Neville’s Wand: He broke one back in 1996 and he since replaced it. Made of cherry wood and unicorn hair.

Pettigrew’s Wand: Just over 9 inches. Not very sturdy. Dragon heartstring.

Harry Potter: 11 inches. Made of phoenix feather. Made form the holly tree.

Ron Weasly’s Wand: Had one but broek it. Second one is made from willow tree, is 14 inches long and its heart is made from unicorn hair.

We will leave you with a quote from the famous Mr. Ollivander himself: “Wandlore is a complex and mysterious branch of magic.”

How Harry Potter Wands Work

How Harry Potter Wands Work

How Harry Potter Wands Work

Let there be no confusion – a magical wand is a very, very important item! Especially one of the many delightful Harry Potter wands. Witches and budding wizards would eb lost without these mystical and powerful items.

Used mainly to cast wonderful spells and spread their magical power – wands are the staple of an up-and-coming witches and wizard’s life. A lot of people think that a wand will increase one’s ability to perform magic, but this is not the case. Wands are a mere tool – all they do is allow your magic to become more focussed and precise. Think of a magnifying lens with the sun shining through – the lens does not contain the magic, it just helps to harness it. This is very powerful stuff indeed!

Locating the right wand for you is not as easy as the majority of people may think. There are many factors to take into account before you can find the right Harry Potter wand for yourself. You may even have to make many mistakes before you can find the one that is 100% right for you. But the process is not all pain and suffering, it can actually be quite fun and exciting!

You will find that the specific element used in your perfect wand will actually reflect upon your very own character. For the best of results though, you may have to let the Harry Potter wand choose you, rather than you choosing it.

Harry Potter wands are usually developed by Mr. Ollivander. Mr. Ollivander uses four rules when he classifies his particular wands. They are: the sort of wood used to make it, the length of the wand, and the most important, the core material used in the very essence of the Harry Potter wand. What is the fourth rule you may ask – well, that would be the manner in which the wand moves and glides through the air.

How Harry Potter Wands Work

Wood is the fabric from which Harry Potter wands are made from. Different woods make up different wands. Which one suits you will be down to which birth date according to the old and mystical Celtic calender. Three cores made of very strong magic are used in each wand – they are the heartstring of a dragon, feather of a phoenix, and a unicorn’s tail.

According to the Celtic calender, every month is associated with a type of tree. Each tree possesses certain characteristics and powers.

Let us take a look at Harry Potter’s wand as a quick demonstration. This wand is made out of the Holly tree – reflecting his date of birth at the end of July. Protection os the quality that Holly stands for and this helps Harry to ward off bad and negative spirits and energies. Holly is eternally green and growns blood red fruit in winter – these symbolizing hope and positivity. The core of Harry Potter’s wand is the feather of a phoenix bird.

The wand is hugely important to every single witch and wizard, and without it they would feel powerless and useless. These magical items are given to them when they are only children, so growing attached to something you have known most of your life is quite understandable.

Hopefully, this quick guide on Harry Potter wands has educated and entertained you at the same time. Stay tuned for more magical articles in the weeks and months to come!

Hermione Grangers Wand

Hermione Grangers Wand

Hermione Grangers Wand

Hermione Granger is a very intriguing character indeed. Her history, abilities and interaction with the main characters in Harry Potter films are widely discussed. But one aspect about this brave girl isn’t widely mentioned – that is the question about her wand! When we are first introduced to Hermione she already has in her possession her wand.

Where Did Hermione’s Wand Come From?

Hermione’s wand was purchased in the famous Ollivander wand shop. Ollivander is said to produce the finest wands available throughout the lands so it is no suprise our courageous heroine came to the main an for her vital equipment.

There Are 3 Main Cores Ollivander Wands Are Made From – Which Is Herimone’s Made From?

Herimone’s wand is made from the infaous Dragon heartstring (the other available cores in his wand shop are Unicorn’s hair and Phoenix feather). In actual fact, our three main characters possess all three of the main cores. Harry has the Pooenix feather and Ron is in possession of the Unicorn hair core.

Hermione Grangers Wand

What Sort Of Wood Is Her Wand Made From?

The author of the series, J.K. Rowling, decided that Hermione’s wand should be chosen from the Celtic calender which features a piece of wood or type of tree for each of the 12 months. Hermione was born in late September – in the Celtic calender this is ‘Muin’. Muin is the celtic name for a wood that goes by the name of “vine wood” – and this is what Hermione’s wand is made from.

The Wands In The Harry Potter Series Are Said To Choose Their Owner As They See Fit – So Why Did Hermione’s Choose Her?

Harry’s wand is made from Phoenix feather. We learn that as a child, Harry should have died, but miraculously he lived. The Phoenix is said to have risen from the dead alive and strong. This is why Harry’s wand chose him. Hermione’s wand also has an interesting story. As stated above, her wand’s core is made from the heartstring of a dragon – brave, robust and life giving much like Hermione (we see her bravely go up and fight against very dangerous and evil foes in the films). Maybe this is why it chose her.

Harry Potter Wands Quiz

harry potter wands

Harry Potter Wands Quiz

Look at our Harry Potter wand quiz questions below, take a note of each answer you give and compare them with the correct answers at the very bottom of the page. Good luck and happy quizzing (see if you can beat the current top score of 12/13)!

What sort of wand did Hagrid own?

Unicorn, 13.5 inches
Willow wood, 14 inches
Holly origin, 12.5 inches
Mahongany, 11.5 inches
Oak wood, 16 inches

Which sort of wand does Lily Potter possess?

Rosewood,11 inches
Phoenix feather, 13 inches
Holly wood, 9 and ½ inches
Willow wood, 10.25 inch
Ash wood, 8.5 inches

Harry Potter’s wand – which is it?

Goose feather, 9 inches
Ash and eagle feather, 14 inches
Rosewood and phoenix feather, 15 inch
Redthorn and unicorn tail hair, 8 inches
Phoenix feather with Holly wood, 11 inch

Which best describes Hermiones Grangner’s wand?

Yew wood
Willow wood with Phoenix feather
Blackthorn with heartstring of dragon
Blackthorn and mahongany
Phoenix feather only

Wormtail’s wand is made up of…?

Chestnut wood with the heartstring of dragon, 9.25 inch
Redthorn and phoenix feather, 11 inch
Hawthorn wood and unicorn core, 14 inches
Rosewood with veela hair, 12 inch
Dragon heartstring and Thestral hair, 17 inches

What type of wand did Draco Malfoy have?

Mahogany with phoenix feather, 14 inch
Rosewood with no core, 12 inches
Dragon heartstring with a mysterious wood, 18 inches
Hawthorn with a hair of unicorn core, 10 inch
Ash wood and blackthorn, 8 inches

Which character’s wand is made up of: walnut wood with a dragon heartstring main core measuring 12.75 inches?

Harry Potter
Lord Voldemort
Hermione Granger
Bellatrix Lestrange
Mary Cattermole

Krum owns which sort of magical wand?

Hornbeam wood with a dragon heartstring core, 10.25 inch
Rosewood and ash, 14 inches
Mahogany, 15 inches
Phoenix feather with a secret wood, 14 inches
Unicorn core with palm wood, 12 inch

Who did Krum buy his wand from?

An Irish girl
A Welsh boy

What type of wand did James Potter have?

Ash wood, 14 inches
Mahogany wood, 11 inch
Phoenix feather and rosewood, 19 inches
Ash and unicorn tail hair (female), 11 inches
Blackthorn with no core, 10 inch

The evil Lord Voldemort’s wand is made up of…?

A secret magical mix, 20 inch
Mahogany with dragon heartstring, 9 inches
Yew wood with phoenix feather core, 13 and ½ inches
All 3 cores, 25 inches
Ash, 14 inches

The beautiful Fleur owns which sort of wand?

Yew with phoenix feather, 10 inch
Rosewood with Veela, 9.5 inches
Mahogany, 14 inches
Yew and with Thestral hair, 10 inches
Oak with phoenix feather, 17 inch

Who owns a wand which is made up of: unicorn hair (male), ash wood and measures twelve and 3/4 inches in length?

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Wand Quiz Answers: 1) e 2) d 3) e 4) c 5) a 6) d 7) d 8 ) a 9) e 10) b 11) c 12) b 13) a

Harry Potter Wands

Harry Potter Wands

Harry Potter Wands – Basic Guide

Since the beginning of all things magical there has also always been wands. A Harry Potter wand is one of those special items in the JK Rowling series that is a constant throughout each and every film. In fact, if our Hogwart’s heros (and heroines!) didn’t have access to these magical item then they wouldn’t have accomplished most of the heroic feats we have witnessed them achieve throughout the 7 Harry Potter films to date.

500 years before Christ, the Druids lived, practiced magic and cast spells in what we now know as Scotland. Interestingly enough, the word ‘Druid’ actually means ‘the man who carries wisdoms of the woods’.

harry potter wands

In those anciet and mystical times, the Druids used to pride themselves on knowing all about each single tree growing in their particular forest. Trees were a sacred entity to these wise men and they had the utmost of respect for them. The ash tree was meant to be special and important for its ability to heal wounds, cedar was for energy and elm enabled the Druids to add power to their spells.

Much like our horoscopes today, the Druids also had a similiar calender system but this system wasn’t based on astronomical signs, it was based on – yes you guessed it – trees. There were 13 of these signs which included Reed, Rowan, Birch and Ivy. Below we can see this calender to get a better idea…

  • Birch: Dec 24th – Jan 20
  • Rowan: Jan 21 – Feb 17
  • Ash: Feb 18 – Mar 17
  • Alder: Mar 18 – Apr 14
  • Willow: Apr 15 – May 12
  • Hawthorn: May 13 – Jun 9
  • Oak: Jun 10 – Jul 7
  • Holly: Jul 8 – Aug 4
  • Hazel: Aug 5 – Sep 1
  • Vine:  Sep 2 – Sep 29
  • Ivy: Sep 30 – Oct 27
  • Reed: Oct 28 – Nov 24
  • Elder: Nov 25 – Dec 22

If you are of the perceptive kind, you will have noticed that there s no tree sign for someone born on the 23rd of December. This is because they implemented a calender based no the moon which had thirteen months and twenty eight days, this is turn made the year up to only have 364 days in it. For this reason, the 23 December is still considered a very important date to witches and wizards right up to this very day!

So now we know a little more about wands, who used them and where they came from. But how were they made?

Certain tree wood types suit certain people and only work well if the person holding the wand has the character to match that of the wood it was made from. This is very obvious in the selection of Harry Potter wands we see throughout the films. Next time you sit down to watch one of the films, make a note to see what type of wand each character uses and if it matches their personality – you may just get a pleasant surprise. The Harry Poter wands will match the characteristics of the Harry Potter characters you will find!

Other factors which come into play when someone chooses their wand are: the size of the magic wand, the type of wood it is made from and the core.

The core is one of the most important factor, so says the master of wands himself – Ollivander (Gregorovitch also claims this, we find). Look at the core as being the heart of the wand. Its very lifeforce if you will. The core can be mae from a number of things, like phoenix feather or unicorn’s hair. Which core you choose says a lot about you and what you value so if YOu ever get the chance – choose your wand carefully!

Wand users grow very attached to their possession from a young age. But the big question is: Is the wand causing this attachment or is it all in the master’s head?! We may never know! Maybe it is a bit of both…

The next thing we will try to investigate is what exactly a magical wand does, and how?

A wand is a very personal object. When not in the hand of its owner or someone without magic in their being (like a squib or those intersting muggles!) it suddenly becomes a useless piece of wood! Like animals, they know their master and stay loyal to them. When back in its owners possession it becomes something powerful and strong – this suggests to us that it is the owner where the magic comes from and NOt the wand. The wand just focuses and harnesses the power and make them more precise and manageable. Important point: Always store your wand in your BACK pocket. If you wish to know why this is, then we suggest you view the films with Prof. Moody in them and you will see why – with humourous consequences!

Wand powers are usually not visible to the naked eye – like air. But carry out the Lumos spell and suddenly you will witness the bright and luminous energy working its magic in a crystal clear view.

We have now run over what Harry Potter wands are, where they came from, what materials they are made from, how they work and other random interesting facts.

Now, if you excuse us, we have to go play with our wands and perform some magic!

Have a magical day!